Reinventing cross-border
payments for SMEs

What is M3 Payments

Moving money from one currency to another shouldn’t be expensive. Neither should there be hidden fees or big commissions.

SMEs are often underserved and overcharged by banks and money remittance companies. Hidden fees and long waiting times are some problems companies are facing when it comes to international money transfers.

M3 Payments allows companies to move money from one currency to another efficiently, with a high level of security and – most importantly – with small and transparent fees. When it comes to making global payments and international money transfers quickly, at pre-defined rates and with transparent pricing, M3 Payments is the way to go.

Security Comes First

Partnering with M3 Payments allows you to access much more than just a payments platform. We have spent a lot of time and effort to ensure that everything from our infrastructure and technology, to our expanding network and partnerships are rooted in the best and most secure practices today.

What this means for our clients is that you are able to plug into the M3 Payments platform and save yourself time and money when making payments, all with the peace of mind that you are using the most secure technology.

Network Security

Strong Access Control


Data Security

Why M3 Payments?

By using M3 Payments, companies worldwide can benefit from a comprehensive international payment platform with great rates and control exactly what they are paying with the service.

We charge a fixed fee based on the value of the payment (a percentage of the transaction size) as follows:


for transactions under 10,000 GBP


for transactions between 10,001 – 100,000 GBP


for transactions over 100,000 GBP

Working with M3 Payments has helped us a lot in making our payments schedule more efficient and we’ve managed to lower our payments fees and save up to 70%. The interface is very friendly, fast and transparent.

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