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M3 Payments simplifies the way you send money abroad with low fees, using competitive real-time exchange rates and Currency Cloud”s global payment network.

Pay international invoices in 35 currencies, 24 hours, direct to bank account, price transparency, no fees (where applicable) and full currency management from one account.


Open a free account with no obligations

Get Complete Control

Manage all of your accounts from one screen


Pay to over 212 countries worldwide

Export your products and benefit from invoicing directly in foreign currency and converting revenue into domestic currency.

This can make all the difference in profits. Manage international payroll in one place. Transfer salaries with low fees and excellent exchange rates.

Hold, receive and exchange 35+ currencies without any high bank fees.

Simplify your life

Whatever the reason you need to send or receive money abroad: buying property, paying for holidays, renting overseas, pay overseas tuition fees, you can do it efficiently, securely and cost-effectively.

You can start sending money the moment you receive your account confirmation.

Start saving on money transfers!

Boost Your Productivity
With M3 Payments

M3 Payments allows companies to move money from one currency to another efficiently, with a high level of security and – most importantly – with small and transparent fees.

Access transaction reports, real-time account balances, complete management of multiple currencies with instant conversion option.

The Wait Is Finally Over

Moving money from one currency to another shouldn’t be expensive. Nor should there be hidden fees or big commissions for overseas transfers.

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