Getting Started

The first step in order to start using M3 Payments platform is to register here. After you’ve finished filling-in all the details, we will get in touch with you as we will need some more documents: national ID, driver’s license, passport, incorporation number (for companies). We will also provide the Payments Contract Agreement that has to be signed by both parties. After completing these steps you will receive the log-in details so you can start using the M3 Payments platform.

What details are needed in order to make payments on the M3 Payments Platform?

Account details must be filled in, at least one user assigned, at least one e-wallet created and funded, as well as one beneficiary defined (at least).

How are e-wallets created?

E-Wallets are activated only after being funded. A funding is either a transfer from another e-wallet (through an FX conversion) or a bank transfer operated as indicated on the platform (into the Payments Platform Provider’s bank account, referenced exactly as indicated online).

What are the default e-wallets which are created for a newly added account?

There are no default e-wallets. E-wallets are created when they are funded (through bank payment orders or FX conversions).

Making Payments

What information is mandatory for my payment?

Information required for your payment depends on the payment type (local or standard/SWIFT payment), originating country, payer country, payer legal entity type, beneficiary country, beneficiary entity type and payment destination country.

Which are the payment cut-off times that the platform supports?

Please see here the payment schedule supported by the platform.

Is a payment executed instantly?

No. A payment is executed at the requested date (the one chosen when a transfer was created), at the Payments Platform Provider cut-off times.

What is the format of bulk files supported by the platform?

M3 Payments Bulk Upload functionality provides the capability to make conversions and payments in bulk through the M3 Payments Direct application. This is achieved via a CSV file upload containing payments, conversions and/or beneficiary information through the application interface.

Is there a limit setup for transfers and conversions?

The minimum amount is 1 GBP and the maximum amount can be set up according to your request. The limit can also be set up for the entire system, for a sub-account, or for a contact. For more information please get in touch with our dedicated team at

Why aren’t my e-wallet balances updated immediately after I initiate a transfer?

Balances are updated when payments are actually executed, at cut-off time. There is no place where the current “working balance” can be seen.

If a payment execution fails, how is a user notified of the failure?

An email will be sent to the user who executed the action. Failed payments are also visible in the To Do menu, tab Failed Payments.

Why has less money arrived than I expected?

At times, the banking network may have to route funds via a corresponding bank to reach your destination; these corresponding banks may levy a transaction charge that will be deducted from the ordered amount. This is more common with US Dollar transactions, so we advise you to send additional funds in order to cover these charges if they occur regularly.

Setting Up Recipients

How to set up recipients?

Setting up recipients can be easily managed in the beneficiary manager menu of the dashboard. Nicknames can also be assigned so that you can find them easily in the future.

Countries and Currencies

What are the countries that the platform supports?

Please find here a list of the countries currently supported by the platform.

Fees and Exchange Rates

What are the fees charged?

We apply a percentage markup of 0.33% to the exchange rate

For offline onboarding, the fee can be negotiated based on monthly volume.

Where are the exchange rates coming from?

Our exchange rates are calculated and provided by our payment services providers.

Problems with logging in

Please remember that your login ID, security questions and password are all case sensitive. Make sure you haven’t got Cap Locks on. Login IDs must also be unique. If you have one user with multiple accounts, he or she must have different logins for each account. If you still cannot access the platform, click on “Forgot Password?” link on the login page (link). This will allow you to reset your login credentials via an automated email service. If you still cannot log in, please contact the Support Team at